Question 1/11

What is your email?

Question 2/11

How familiar are you with STOs?

Question 3/11

What is your risk tolerance?

Question 4/11

Does your business need third-party financing to grow to the next level?

Question 5/11

What’s the ideal amount of funding that would take your company to the next level?

Question 6/11

Is your company large and experienced enough for an IPO in the near future?

Question 7/11

How open are you to attracting potential investors and customers from all around the world?

Question 8/11

How much time are you willing to spend looking for new channels of funding, instead of focusing on what you do best in your business?

Question 9/11

An STO opens up new opportunities to get hassle-free funding for both technology start-ups as well as traditional enterprises, IT companies, and even real estate, by tokenizing ownership of some of your assets. How open are you to doing this?

Question 10/11

Are you willing to make the assets of your company liquid and accessible to investors so you can get geographically unlimited access to trading platforms?

Question 11/11

Due to their nature and strict regulatory controls, it’s almost impossible to scam STOs, thus guaranteeing confidence for all parties involved. Are you open to complying with all necessary regulations when creating an STO?

Thank you!

Based on your answers, it seems like starting a STO (Security Token Offering) might not be the best choice for you at the moment.

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