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What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

STOs are a turning point in the evolution of digital capital markets

STO is a blockchain-based financial instrument that allows you to “tokenize” various assets with the aim of raising money from investors all around the world. These assets can be pretty much anything: real estate, private funds, stocks, debentures, derivatives. The important thing is that people can own a digitized part of these assets, thereby providing your company with outside investment.

Discover how to make sure that your Security Token Offering is 100% compliant with laws and regulations - even if you have never launched one before.

About Assets

What qualifies as an asset?

Basically, if you can think of it, it can be turned into a digital asset, including:

Any type of product

  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Franchising

Private or company assets

  • Vehicles, ships, planes
  • Art
  • Real estate
  • Patents
  • Intellectual property

Company shares

  • Industry
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Gastronomy
  • Entertainment

Main Features

Our 3 core components

STO development

  • Security Token Development
  • Customized exchange platform development
  • Setting up payment gateway

STO Legal Services

  • Legal project support
  • Design of the project’s corporate structure
  • Document preparation for the STO launch
  • Obtaining STO licenses

STO marketing

  • Whitepaper & website
  • Community management & promotion
  • Attracting a wide pool of investors to learn about your STO

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Designing the token offering

Blockchain platform development

Raising funds

STO listing

Stages of launching an STO

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We've created an ultimate guide to raising money with a security token offering

Find out more about every STO stage and the entire process of launching a security token offering in our STO Guide.
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