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About Smart Contract Audits

Get a smart contract audit for your project to find and eliminate any possible errors & risks. CPI Tech provides smart contract audits for your business security so that you can focus solely on running it!

Why audit smart contracts

Identify flaws

CPI Tech experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your code to fix the flaws you may have and secure your project.

Authenticate your contracts

We use efficient verification techniques to check the correctness of your smart contract code.

Reduce vulnerabilities

Get CPI Tech reports and recommendations from our experts on how you can eliminate vulnerabilities in your smart contracts.

Prevent substantial errors

A smart contract audit can help avoid costly errors in code. The earlier the error is found, the fewer resources are needed for its correction.

Reach the highest code optimization

By auditing your smart contract, you will be able to check and double-check your code for errors and vulnerabilities.

Gain the users’ trust

Conducting a smart contract audit will show your users that you care about their security and make you a reliable choice.

What projects need a Smart Contract Audit?

company types

  • Established brand
  • Enterprise
  • Start-up

Types of projects

  • NFT collections (drops)
  • Staking contracts
  • P2E games, land sale (NFT) contracts
  • Defi 2.0 projects
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Other blockchain projects

The value of smart contract audit in numbers

  • $3+ billion

    stolen from crypto companies in 2021 because of security vulnerability

  • < 50%

    of stolen funds due to code breach & flash loan attacks

  • $40 million

    the average hack of contracts value

CPI Smart Contract Audits expertise

Innovative verification technologies.

Proven expertise in crypto projects.

In-depth analytical reports.

Active help and remediation.

Consulting on the architecture of smart contract.

Performance within a short period of time.

How we work

CPI can help you at every stage of SMART CONTRACT AUDIT

  • Application for a quote

    Submit the necessary documentation and receive an estimation of the audit details and price.

  • Conducting the audit

    Our experts conduct an in-depth audit of your smart contract to identify any errors and vulnerabilities.

  • Helping you to make fixes

    We will help your team to make fixes in your smart contract according to the conducted report. After the fixes are done, we will double-check the correctness of the smart contract.

  • Providing a certificate

    After the completion of the audit, you will receive a certificate of CPI Tech smart contract verification. You can add it to your website and display it on other platforms. Also, upon your request, we can provide a certificate as an NFT on the Blockchain to prove the audit — and a seal to be used in branding & promo.

What will you get after an audit?


Certificate of audit completion

After we perform a smart contract audit for your project, you will receive a certificate verifying our work. You will also be able to add it to your website.


Promotion in our social media

We can collaborate on social media to reach a wider audience. Also, our marketing team can help create videos, carousels and other production material for your brand.

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