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7 Emerging Blockchain Trends Everyone Should Know About in 2022

Blockchain has been a buzzword for a long time. For a while, all blockchain discussions revolved primarily around cryptocurrencies and the financial sector. Now we are observing some truly promising blockchain use cases in other industries that we believe will define blockchain developments and applications in the nearest future. CPI technologies team of blockchain experts prepared the overview of blockchain technology applications and future trends that will impact the industry.  

Vaccine Tracking and Distribution

The problem of vaccination against COVID-19 and other viruses still remains relevant in 2022. There have been numerous cases of fake vaccine distribution or breaches in vaccine storage protocol. Blockchain technology can make the process of vaccine transportation and the vaccination itself more transparent and secure. With the help of blockchain technology, you can accurately record the temperature of vaccine storage and ensure it remains within the proper range. You can also stay on track of storage and manage your supplies. 

Software that runs on blockchain will help ensure the authenticity of vaccine and trace how it was transported. Therefore, this blockchain market trend is crucial for combating the pandemic and saving the health of many people.

Supporting Charity

Blockchain can be used for helping organize charity. With a verifiable trail of transactions and open source accounting, it provides transparency to the use of charity funds. This solves the most common challenge every charity organization faces – making it simple for the contributors to track how their donations are spent. Charities can also use Blockchain technology to crowdfund by generating and transferring the unused computing capacity into charity funds. It simplifies the process of providing charity and can make your donation anonymous. Therefore, blockchain trends are not only used for making donations easier and accessible but also to transform their functioning and operation.

Protecting Digital Identity 

Our activity on the Internet allows big companies to collect a lot of data about us, which they use not always in the ways most f. However, blockchain technology can help secure your data. It keeps the data decentralized and immutable to ensure sharing only the information you agree to share. This Blockchain trend will help make your data more secure. The risks of cyber fraud and identity theft will also rise in 2022. Blockchain is based on decentralized technology and has safety encryption to protect you from cyberattacks. Therefore, your identity data will be protected from misuse or unauthorized use. 

Decentralization in Finance

Blockchain trends has proved effective in transforming financial services and will continue making new advances in 2022. With blockchain encryption, your financial services will be secured. Blockchain trends also create networks that deliver value to both customers and investors. The usage of blockchain and smart contracts eliminates the necessity of intermediaries, such as banks, for financial transactions. The DeFi technology also ensures swift transfer of funds.  

Cryptocurrencies are Now Mainstream

Cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream and will be more commonplace in 2022. We witness its increasing governmental regulation and adoption. Nowadays, it is an essential part of any investment profile. The blockchain trends also suggest that it will be more diversified. Companies and governments develop their own cryptocurrencies as the world transforms into cashless societies. Owing to technological advancements in 2022, more efficient blockchain technologies transactions will be processed faster and with a lower transaction cost. 

Supply Chain Management

The next Blockchain trends helps us ensure even more transparency in supply chain management. The conventional supply chain falls short of  limited information and is often subject to fraud and speculations, with many companies either unjustly greenwashing or suffering reputational losses due to the actions of their suppliers. Managing the supply chain sustainably now requires much of resources and is challenging due to the multinational nature of business. However, with the implementation of blockchain technology, the visibility of the supply chain will grow. This provides new opportunities for supply chain management. It will also allow your customers to learn more about the product they are buying and trust you more.

IoT Integration

Blockchain and the Internet of Things are progressive technologies and can provide even more benefits if integrated. These benefits include distribution, decentralization, and immutability. IoT powered by blockchain can be used in surveillance cameras, for instance. Blockchain-based technology will keep the data in big data storage if the burglar damages the camera. Therefore, the integration of these technologies will benefit your security. 

Now we witness how the futuristic theoretical applications of blockchain technology are becoming successful business cases. These trends promise even deeper adoption of the technology. Blockchain offers many benefits that can be used in various spheres. It will optimize the organization by its decentralized nature to provide security and transparency. 

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