Fundraising on the Blockchain: the innovative way for attracting investments

Security Token Offering (sto)

We are an experienced Blockchain development company specializing in launching data-driven STO campaigns to crowdfund Blockchain-based enterprises. Our Blockchain developers are experts at developing robust and transparent STO platforms for optimum reach and performance. Our STO development services enable automated ownership transfer and give investors complete control over their assets while remaining compliant with financial regulations. CPI Security Token Development solutions eliminate the need for intermediaries, ensuring full transparency and low administrative costs compared to conventional investment tools.

Non-fungible Token Offering (nft)

A non-fungible token, also known as an NFT, is a digital token that serves as a digital proof of ownership for real or virtual assets such as images, videos, tweets, computer code, etc. Each NFT is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible, and irreplaceable digital asset. CPI Tech assists you in launching your own NFT marketplace that provides your clients with a smooth purchasing experience. Our NFT engineers provide a powerful NFT platform where any item may be tokenized, whether artwork, gaming cards, tickets, software licenses, digital collectibles, or real-world assets.

What is the difference between STO and NTF for fundraising?

Takes longer
Higher initial costs
Investors can make financial profits with the STO in certain ways:
  • Receiving a share of the generated profit
  • Securing a fixed interest rate depending on their investment
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Quick assembly
Significantly lower initial costs
Investors can use NFTs to gain access to obtain:
  • Original content such as videos and texts
  • Exclusive services
  • Software services for NFT owners
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What areas is Blockchain fundraising suitable for?

Security Token Offering (sto)
  • Real Estate
  • Art
  • Stable Coins
  • Venture capital funds
  • Liquid Assets
  • Mining Repository
Non-fungible Token Offering (nft)
  • Gaming
  • Artwork
  • Real Estate
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Identity Management
  • Charities

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