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CPI cryptocurrency exchange software

With CPI, you get scalable, modular, and secure exchange software. We have a proven track record of providing the best bitcoin exchange software that works for your business and improves your profits!

CPI Exchange Features


The CPI Exchange platform has a microservices-based, modular design that allows for the seamless addition of new processes, features, and connectors, allowing businesses to grow and innovate swiftly.

HOSTING & Support

Our DevOps and system administration teams handle server infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance around the clock. Our specialized support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you require assistance.


Over 150 fiat and cryptocurrency currencies are supported and effortlessly changed into any fiat currency for immediate purchases. The wallet also supports NFC, QR codes and biometric authentication to begin payments.


Say goodbye to clumsy bookkeeping and legal discrepancies. All of our products include double-entry accounting compliant with the relevant legislation.


We provide smooth communication between the Crypto Exchange Platform and all of your systems through a fully supported API interface.


We provide institutional-grade protection for platform users' Bitcoin holdings and keys. Depending on the user's demands, CPI provides different solutions for managing crypto assets in hot and cold wallets.

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Use Cases

Exchange of many assets

Allows purchasing, selling, and converting digital assets such as cryptocurrency, security tokens, commodities, tokenized assets.

Platform for investment

Enable platform users to invest in digital assets and financial markets safely and strategically.

Payments in cryptocurrencies

Allow cryptocurrency payments for real-world products & services, as well as peer-to-peer payments.

Solutions for Custody & Clearing

Ensure smooth and profitable trade activities and secure storage for the digital assets and keys of your users.

Solution for liquidity

Owing to the connection with major exchanges & liquidity providers, we provide trading services for a wide range of securities & digital assets.

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How we work

CPI can help you at every stage of exchange platform software development

  • Strategy

    Providing you with a strategic roadmap for achieving your business objectives

  • Design & development

    Helping you develop the software architecture of the exchange and create the consistent user experience

  • Implementation

    Implementing and integrating exchange software into existing infrastructure while also helping with organizational models required to facilitated transition to new integrated solutions

  • Growth & maintenance

    We provide you with a sustainable foundation to manage, maintain and utilize Exchange Software solutions that build & drive growth.

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