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Providing a full-service development of web & mobile applications, custom systems, financial software and exchange systems

CPI Technologies GmbH is a full-service company located in Mainz, Germany with focus on professional software development inblockchain, finance and AI, professional marketing and the development of highly efficient fundraising campaigns with security token offerings (STOs) on the blockchain.

CPI combines quality-oriented software development with the profitable techniques of online marketing. The >30-strong CPI team consists of software developers, blockchain and smart contract experts, marketing and analytics geniuses, top-level UX / UI designers, copywriters, data scientists and mathematicians, all working together on innovative projects for customers from all over the world.


Platform development

Helping your company build a strong but scalable and agile technological backbone to support an array of internal solutions and external ecosystem participants. We will be able to create a platform for you, which has no analogues in the world, and develop your business!

Digital transformation

Is the digital transformation of your business long overdue? Partnering with our skilled development team, you get: full-service software development and️ turn-key digital transformation solutions utilizing AI and Big Data, custom software development to drive your business to the next level.

Custom software development

Transform financial services with innovative technologies. Blockchain, the development of the DeFi exchange, STO and other modern opportunities. With the leading fintech custom software development company for fintech startups and financial companies, make your business grow!


We are not only developing the platform, but we can also bring it to the market and attract users. We will not only help with the creation of an STO, but also promote it among the investor. We work with all marketing tools for the fintech industry, developing an advertising concept for each type of business.

Big Data & Analytics

Analyzes the market using Big Data. This allows you to make the most correct marketing research and provide analytics services. We use the latest technologies to deliver world-class software for our clients.

AI & Machine Learning

The use of machine learning and AI in enterprise solutions is a great opportunity to improve the quality of services and outperform the competition. For a wide array of tasks, machine learning is superior to traditional software designs. It stands behind state-of-the-art search engines, real-time data science, digital security, and artificial intelligence software.

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Our professional project team is able to successfully
turn your vision into reality

We customize the legal structure for your business together with our legal parters

Blockchain Expertise

Future-proof services by CPI Technologies GmbH will help you stay at the forefront of industry innovation. Blockchain technology isn't a distant future. This is what is changing the market right now. Join now and get the most out of Blockchain technology.

STO (security token offering)

Grow your venture to the next level by crowdfunding with a Security Token Offering. What do you get by developing STO with CPI Tech? Full legal support for an entire STO process, development of a robust & customized fundraising platform and full STO marketing support.

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Smart Contracts

Our custom software dev agency manufacturing a smart contracts – programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome

Blockchain Consulting

CPI Technologies takes care of digital, marketing and consulting services while you focus on running your business. Partnering with CPI Tech, you gain: time to market your product, cost efficiency, reinforced project control & reduced risk and focus on your core function.

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NFT Offerings

With an NTF Offering, you can raise funds without the necessity of complicated regulations. We will not only develop a token for you but also take over the marketing and help finding investors. Compared to Security Token Offerings an NFT Offering is much more faster and easier to do, as long as no dividends or profit distribution is planed to do.

Crypto Exchanges

We have a ready-to-use blockchain currency crypto exchange for your business. No need to waste time and resources on new solutions - we offer you a ready - made solution. You can start to profit faster!

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Get a non-custodial DeFi crypto wallet and empower your customers with enhanced security and total control of cryptos and private keys. Our software programming company will create your own DeFi crypto wallet, which developed in all legal aspects.


Industries that we serve with CPI custom software solutions

What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Communication
  • & many more

CPI Team

Our core team is based in Mainz, Germany, while some of our teammates are worldwide

CPI team is made of software developers, blockchain and smart contract experts, insightful marketing and analytics specialists, top-level UX / UI designers, copywriters, data scientists, and mathematicians, all working together on innovative projects for customers worldwide.
Founder & CEO
Maximilian Schmidt is the CEO of the company, and the brains behind the technical and organization aspects of CPI Technologies. He started programming with age of 8 years, later working on various projects with increased magnitude and scale. After dozens of successful projects, he saw the incredible opportunity emerging within the blockchain industry, and in 2014 got involved full time. In 2017 he founded CPI Technologies with the mission, to develop high-quality software using newest technology, that does not only work but also sell and allow his customers, to have a fast return of investment.
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Departmens Leaders

Steven Steinrucken
Lead Backend
Steven is a specialist for complex applications and platforms. Thanks to his analytical and goal-oriented way of working and thinking, he has already successfully built many projects at CPI. As a backend lead, he builds highly scalable applications with the CPI backend team and designs the necessary architectures.
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Marko Bolliger
Lead Frontend
As Frontend Lead, Marko is responsible for building scalable, reusable and, above all, user-friendly applications. As an expert in front-end technologies, Marko designs the necessary concepts for applications that works and looks great on all devices. And that sells.
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Marco Schmitt
Head of Sales
Marco leads the sales team at CPI. He not only continuously expands CPI's network, both customers and potential investors for customer projects, but also actively builds sales processes for CPI and its customers. Marco is responsible for ensuring that customers and potential customers of CPI are always satisfied.
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Viktoria Lorens
Lead Design
Viktoria is the woman for the beautiful appearance. Together with her team, you will develop UX and UI concepts to give working software a beautiful face. A face that not only looks great, but is also easy usable for its users. And of course, which ensures a high conversion rate.
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Urs Renke
Lead Project Manager
The bigger projects get, the more important it is to have proper management. The creation of roadmaps and the prioritization of the many tasks that arise in a project - this is where Urs as Lead Project Manager at CPI comes in. He is responsible for a clean management and communication with customers and their teams.
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John Schneider
Blockchain Expert & Business Development
John is an expert on blockchain ecosystems that will create a world, that most people cannot yet imagine. He introduces our customers to this new topic and helps them not only to understand the topic, but above all to find solutions for how companies can use these new opportunities for their own growth.
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Andreas Hoffmann
Head of Marketing
Andreas heads the CPI Marketing Team. He is responsible for getting CPI's vision and concepts across to the people you are relevant to. The fact that you are reading this shows that Andreas did a good job. He does this not only for CPI, but also for our customers. After a software has been built, it is his team's job to make it successful and generate a high ROI.
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We have over
30 +
Core team members worldwide

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We use latest technologies to deliver world class software for our clients










Case Studies - Video Conferencing Re-imagined is a video conferencing app that’s ridiculously easy-to-use, looks gorgeous on any device, and is designed to help you & your team have more productive conversations and less friction on prospect call
Web browser, Android App, iOS App, macOS, Windows, Linux
PHP, Laravel, WebRTC, VueJS, SQL, Kubernetes, Java Spring, Python, SIP
3x Laravel developer, 4x frontend developer, 1x SIP expert, 2x Java developer, Designer, QA + PM
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Project Overview

A video software, that works on every browser, on every device.

With the CPI team developed a scalable, enterprise video software for multiple purposes. By utilizing common used SIP services, is accessable for everyone, with every device. Even by dialing in via telephone.

CPI Marketing

Get your business promoted & become THE leader in your sector

Beautiful & optimized software is just the first step. To be profitable and become a market leader, you also need professional marketing services. Our experienced team takes care of everything for you, from promotion & advertising to social media & conversion optimization. You just sit back, relax, and watch as your bank account grows bigger & bigger, day after day.

digital media marketing

Build an engaged audience with multi-channel media content, including video production

social media marketing

Win more visitors, users, and customers by promoting your product on social media.

sale strategies

Our expert marketing team handles all marketing strategy to make your business more successful

seo & sem campaings

More visitors from methods like SEO, & PPC campaigns with Facebook Ads & Google AdWords

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