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Our Platform

Fundraising with digital assets

CPI’s Digital Asset Exchange Platform enables founders to easily kickstart their investment-heavy projects by collecting funds from investors from all around the world, without all the hassle of traditional fundraising.

The platform allows you to turn almost anything into a digital asset, from tangible products and private or company assets, to intangible assets such as technology, innovation, entertainment, and even gastronomy.

Once investors invest in these digital assets, they gain incremental voting rights to business decisions and distributed dividends, based on the number of tokens they purchase. The more tokens, the bigger their share in the project’s profits. Furthermore, voting is done completely transparently on the blockchain by both investors as well as founders. anim id est laborum.



CPI’s Digital Asset Exchange has been built with both founders & investors in mind, so they can get access to an efficient platform that makes investing, profit sharing, and growing together easy.
  • Raise Funds

    You can easily raise funds from investors globally in the STO/ETO phase Once investors buy in, the platform automatically distributes their tokens

  • Grow Bigger

    Founders use funds to grow the project and keep investors updated Distribute dividents on daily/weekly /monthly/yearly base on the blockchain to investors

  • Trade Shares

    Investors can also trade asset shares right inside the markets of the exchange Displaying dividend distribution can surge demand and create even more attraction

  • Decide Influence

    An easy and intelligent way to include investors in business decisions Investors can also vote transparently on the blockchain, based on their tokens

  • Perfect Exit

    You can also initiate a profitable token buyback procedure from investors Investors can decide on the exit deal, with a >50% of shareholder agreement

Our Products

Key features & benefits

Thanks to skilled and experienced development team using agile methods, we are able to deliver to our clients high-quality software at top speed and efficiency.


Clean and highly-functional dashboard that’s beautiful and easy to use

Automated collection

STO/ETO processes for easy and automated collection of funds

Unprecedented freedom

Automatic creation of smart contract/token on the blockchain

High frequency trading

High-frequency trading platform for assets after the collection phase

Automated profit distribution

Easy and automated profit distribution via the blockchain

Double book keeping

Law-compliant double-entry bookkeeping for all financial transactions on the platform

Safe and secure

KYC/AML procedures for both investors and founders, for maximum security

Fully customizable

Beautiful dashboard, personalized landing pages, and proven funnels for projects

Full analytics

Detailed analytics that shows KPIs and various metrics accurately and in real-time

Lock-up shares

Lock-up shares that can only be discharged after a specified time of holding completely safe

Social trading option

Social Trading to follow successful traders and copy their winning strategies

Mobile ready

100% mobile-optimized application for both iOS and Android

Main Features

Our 3 core components


Founders can easily create new projects on the platform to raise funds from investors all around the world. They’ll get access to a customizable project page full of detailed information on all aspects of the given project: including its roadmap, the team behind it, and potential returns.

The platform also highlights soft- and hard caps, and in case the project doesn’t reach the soft cap, investors can get a problem-free refund. In addition, founders can also conveniently keep investors informed with project updates via social media and other channels.


One of the biggest benefits of a digital asset exchange is that it allows anyone who has been pre-vetted to buy & sell assets on various markets, just like on a traditional stock exchange. There’s a central database listing all assets that have successfully completed the fund-raising phase, and it’s very easy for investors to start trading tokens almost immediately.

Not only that but traders also have detailed information regarding recently paid out dividends and participation policies for each asset, in a completely transparent matter.


The true power of the digital asset platform is the tight cooperation between founders and investors with the objective of adding more and more value to projects they’re involved in.

That’s why, after finishing the fund-raising phase, investors can effortlessly participate in the development of the project, by sharing ideas on internal discussion boards, creating polls, and pro-actively participating in the project’s roadmap, where all shareholders can participate.

Project Timeframe


Short term projects

1-6 months
  • Fast collection of money
  • No consideration of letting investors vote in business decisions
  • Designated for fast exit

Mid-term projects

6-12 months
  • Participate in the project to increase the value or a potential buyer
  • Investors may participate in business decisions
  • Designated for a high exit

Long-term projects

more than one year
  • Longer Collection phase
  • Investors build a community to support the project with contacts, ideas and improvement suggestions and new ways
  • Designated for a high exit
  • Founders can let investors participate in business decisions
  • Designated to continuously grow and increase the demand of the asset

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