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CPI Tech, a decentralized finance (DeFi) development company, converts your traditional financial services into encrypted, risk-free, and equitable DeFi applications. Our DeFi development team will help you create a truly decentralized financial product that is encrypted, risk-free, and transparent.

Our DeFi Development expertise

DeFi DApp Development

We develop decentralized financial apps that are more dependable and secure than traditional applications with centralized data storage. As an experienced DeFi Development Company, CPI Tech provides outstanding features and functionalities while assuring you of providing highly innovative and immutable DeFi solutions.

DeFi Token Development

CPI, a DeFi Token development company, creates your DeFi tokens using the DeFi protocols. Our dependable DeFi token creation enhances your decentralized finance applications such as trading, lending, investment, wealth management, payment, and insurance platforms with the Blockchain network.

Decentralized Exchange Development

CPI is a DeFi Exchange Development Company where you can build your own DeFi Decentralized Exchange Platform that allows users to manage their funds with Smart Contracts, DApps, and digital currency wallets. In addition, our DeFi Exchange Development enhances your DEX Platform's transaction speeds and user interfaces.

DeFi Yield Farming and Staking Platform

DeFi Yield Farming is a practice in which investors provide liquidity using DeFi protocols to solve liquidity issues in the DeFi exchange platform in exchange for rewards or fees. CPI offers yield farming development services to help you build your DeFi yield farming DApps to generate high interest through the liquidity of various DeFi protocols.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

The fastest-growing sector in the global Blockchain ecosystem is DeFi Smart Contract Development. In the DeFi Ecosystem, Smart Contracts frequently replicate digital transactions with greater security and immutability. CPI as a DeFi Smart Contract Development company can create decentralized finance applications that integrate Smart Contracts.

Legal Services

CPI Tech is Legal Partners, which function as your legal representation and assist you with DeFi laws. They are accountable for the selection of Intermediary for DeFi and assessment of Anti-money Laundering regulations.

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Benefits of CPI DeFi Development Services

Strategized Investment Plans

The flexible, unbiased investment plans enable traders and investors to store, trade and invest their funds while claiming far higher ROI than traditional institutions.

Smart SmartContracts

Smart Contracts are the solidity-based non-editable mutual agreements because they are automated.They operate the complex structure of the DeFi system with no conflicts.

Global Access

Secure and equitable decentralized financial services are made available to everyone globally, regardless of money, status, or geography.


The peer-to-peer Blockchain-based network provides many core-operational nodes, eliminating abrupt shutdown and data leak.


Integrating various decentralized banking applications into a single module makes your entire platform more user-centric and intelligent.

How we work

CPI can help you at every stage of DeFi Development

With our deep industry experience in custom development, we can help you with anything from an industry-specific Blockchain application to an enterprise-grade DApp, asset exchange, smart contract, or your custom token development. To meet your specific business needs, we provide end-to-end development services.
  • Strategy

    Providing you with a strategic roadmap for achieving your business objectives

  • Design & development

    Helping you develop the software architecture of DAPP and create a consistent user experience

  • Implementation

    Implementing and integrating DAPP into existing infrastructure while also helping with organizational models required to facilitate transition to new integrated solutions

  • Growth & maintenance

    Providing you with a sustainable foundation to manage, maintain and utilize DAPP solutions to build & drive growth


Industries that we serve with CPI custom software solutions

  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Communication
  • & many more

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