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BID DATA & ANALYTICS custom solutions

Every company generates big data in its IT operations or through interaction with customers. Big Data specialists from CPI will help you implement real-time data analysis and turn the stream of unstructured data into an excellent information source for different business decisions. This kind of analytics can help you maximize revenue, minimize costs, and gain a substantial competitive advantage.

Our Big Data & Analytics Services

Big data analytics

Big Data Analytics offers a nearly endless source of business and informational insight that can lead to operational improvement and new opportunities. We use Big Data to help companies acquire unrealized revenue across almost every industry. The value is hidden in company’s data from use cases like customer personalization, risk mitigation, fraud detection, internal operations analysis, and all the other new use cases arising near-daily. We help companies create a cutting-edge analytics operation.

Data services

Data services provide several additional benefits: data source abstraction, aggregation of data providers, reuse (generic, interoperable, flexible consumption patterns), alignment with logical data models, support for multiple service versions, value-added features and single point of interaction.

Big data infrastructure

Big data infrastructure entails the following tools and agents: ● the software systems and physical storage media for storing ● the network for transfers ● the application environments that host the analytics tools for analyzing it ● the backup or archive infrastructure for backing it up Our big data infrastructure experts help your business with a real-time strategy for these technologies.

Big data consulting

In our AI-powered world, data has become the most valuable asset. It helps companies grow, become bigger, improve and develop. Relying on customer information and market trends, investors decide by counting on data analysis instead of guessing which directions to follow. Of course, no one can predict the future, but we can come very close with this data science. Our big data consulting company CPI Tech will help you find predictive solutions for your business.

Predictive marketing

The benefits of predictive marketing can not only drive sales and growth but take businesses even further. Being able to anticipate future trends accurately can influence every arm of marketing. More granular and accurate tracking of increased data points allows marketers to easily anticipate trends across channels. With CPI Tech, you can use predictive marketing tools to improve your business.

Marketing & law Services

CPI Tech is Legal Partners, which function as your legal representation and assist you with any law-related tasks. Our experienced team takes care of everything for you, from promotion & advertising to social media & conversion optimization.

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Creation, implementation and optimization of cloud infrastructure

If you have never launched your product in the cloud, you may need to redesign your infrastructure when the product needs to scale. But, even if you have been using the cloud infrastructure from the beginning, it can become irrelevant over time due to updates or increased workloads. CPI can design and implement cloud infrastructure from scratch, analyze the existing system, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase resilience to high workloads.

Development & implementation of a data management and analysis system

Once your cloud infrastructure is up and running, it becomes a mine of machine-generated data, from CRM records to server logs. Big Data specialists are needed to properly organize the data flow and build an effective data analysis process. Hiring a ready-made team with streamlined processes is the best way to save time and money and get the best ROI.

TRAINING ML MODELS AND AI ALGORITHMS for Big Data analysis in real-time

Big data analysis is performed using Machine Learning models, trained to find patterns and predict future results of operations based on historical data. These models require supervised or unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning to maximize prediction accuracy. Our big data specialists will help you choose the right machine learning model and train the system correctly.

How we work

CPI can help you at every stage of implementing Big Data & Analytics

  • Strategy

    Providing you with a strategic roadmap for achieving your business objectives

  • Design & development

    Helping you develop the software architecture of Big Data & Analytics Services and create a consistent user experience

  • Implementation

    Implementing and integrating Big Data & Analytics Services into existing infrastructure while also helping with organizational models required to facilitate transition to new integrated solutions

  • Growth & maintenance

    Providing you with a sustainable foundation to manage, maintain and utilize Big Data & Analytics Services solutions to build & drive growth


Industries that we serve with CPI custom software solutions

  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Communication
  • & many more

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