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Since 2017, CPI Tech has been helping businesses implement new technologies to stay ahead of change. A proven industry leader, CPI Tech has delivered pioneering enterprise solutions to help worldwide companies move from traditional technology platforms to Blockchain-based systems. Bringing in German experience and quality, proven business partnership, we will help you achieve high results in the new decentralized digital world.

What makes us different?

Partnership, instead of outsource

We are not an outsource development consultant. Instead, we approach every project as a partner and even provide a revenue-shared partnership. It means that we hold a direct interest in making your project thrive.

Visionary team

Our team is truly our greatest asset. At CPI tech, we’ve gathered an extremely talented A-team who delivers results surpassing expectations. With more than 30 experts on the team, we’ve worked hard to build a culture of trust and efficiency that makes it possible to create innovative solutions.

Crafting impactful solutions

Do you want to join the pool of industry shapers? Future-proof services by CPI Technologies GmbH will help you stay at the forefront of industry innovation. We were the pioneers in STO, DeFi, and corporate Blockchain applications, and we’ll help you benefit those for your growth.

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CPI core team is based in Mainz, Germany

At CPI, you'll find the right people for the job from one team. From ideation to business consultancy to development, we've got you covered. In addition, you won't have to deal with different service providers whether you're looking to create an NFT or a digital platform.
You'll have a team of software developers, Blockchain and smart contract experts, insightful marketing and analytics specialists, top-level UX / UI designers, copywriters, data scientists, and mathematicians working virtually next door when you partner with us. You'll get exceptional outcomes from a well-coordinated team effort.
Founder & CEO
Maximilian is a successful founder of CPI Tech, a businessman, and a pioneer in Blockchain. He single-handedly built a customer & solution-focused company from the ground up. During his student years, Maximilian studied Business Informatics; he understands technology and digitization and uncovers the value of data for business. Furthermore, his experience in a large company and freelance web3 programming allows him to develop and implement innovative business solutions. In 2015, he pioneered the Blockchain industry and realized its incredible business opportunities. Therefore, in 2017, he founded CPI with the mission of developing high-quality software that allows clients to recoup their investment quickly.
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CPI Team:

  • Multi-disciplinary & dedicated

  • Unique experts in their field

  • Legal Partners worldwide

Department Leaders

Steven Steinruecken
Lead Backend
Steven is a specialist in complex applications and platforms. Thanks to his analytical and goal-oriented way of working and thinking, he has already successfully built many projects at CPI. As a backend lead, he builds highly scalable applications with the CPI backend team and designs the necessary architectures.
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Marko Bolliger
Lead Frontend
As Frontend Lead, Marko is responsible for building scalable, reusable, and, above all, user-friendly applications. As an expert in front-end technologies, Marko designs the necessary concepts for applications that work and look great on all devices - and that sell.
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Marco Schmitt
Head of Sales
Marco leads the sales team at CPI. He continuously expands CPI's network, both customers and potential investors for customer projects, and actively builds sales processes for CPI and its customers. Marco is responsible for ensuring that customers and potential customers of CPI are always satisfied.
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Viktoria Lorens
Lead Design
Viktoria is the woman responsible for a beautiful appearance. Together with her team, she will develop UX and UI concepts to give working software a beautiful face. A face that not only looks great but is also easily usable, and of course, ensures a high conversion rate.
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Urs Renke
Project Management
The more significant projects get, the more important it is to have proper management. The creation of roadmaps and the prioritization of the many tasks that arise in a project is where Urs as Lead Project Manager at CPI, comes in. He is responsible for clean management and communication with customers and their teams.
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Andreas Hoffmann
Head of Marketing
Andreas heads the CPI Marketing Team. He is responsible for getting CPI's vision, and concepts across to customers including you. The fact that you are reading this shows that Andreas does a great job. He does this not only for CPI but also for our customers. After building the software, his team's job is to make it successful and generate a high ROI.
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